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This privacy policy will demonstrate in the most transparent way how FENNEC FX handles your data.

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Personal Data and Privacy:

FENNEC FX personally stores as little information about it's customers as possible. There are no user accounts, so no usernames/passwords are created or stored. For both simplicity and security, only basic information is stored on servers/computers used by FENNEC FX. Sensitive financial data such as credit card numbers is never seen or stored by FENNEC FX. It is instead directly and securely passed on to well established third-party payment processors.

Customer Data Collected and Stored By FENNEC FX:

               - Name (First & Last)

               - Company Name (Optional – If Applicable)

               - Email address

               - VAT number (Optional – If Applicable)

Why We Collect and Store This Data:

FENNEC FX will not sell your email address or any other contact information. In brief, here is how your information might be used:

               - Facilitating payment and delivery of a purchase

               - Customer Support

               - Company financial records

Third Parties That May Receive Customer Data:




               Payment and DeliveryProcessing


               Data Disclosed By FENNEC FX:

               - Name (First & Last)

               - Company Name (Optional – If Applicable)

               - VAT number (Optional – If Applicable)

               - Email address

Google Analytics


               Website traffic analytics

               Data Disclosed

               Anonymous data collected by Google from your browser

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