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Sounds of Nature: NORTHLAND New Zealand

Nature sounds and ambiences, captured at the coast of Northland, New Zealand.

Specs: 24 files • 8 / 24 sounds •  4.8 GB.

Format: 24 bit / 96 kHz .wav

Duration: Approx.  45 / 135 minutes total

All files include Soundminer Metadata.

This is a small collection of nature sounds and ambiences, captured at the coast of Northland, New Zealand.

You can hear many different birds, including the Tui, Bellbird and Barbary Dove. You can also find tracks with lots of very loud and noisy Chorus cicadas. As well as more quiet crickets at night.

All of these nature ambiences are recorded using three different microphone set-ups. A Stereo set-up, a wide stereo set-up and a spaced omnis set-up, which also offers extended frequency response. This brings you 3 variations of each recording. Within these variations the differences are sometimes subtle and sometimes more extreme. These three perspectives can provide flexibility for crosscutting within scenes.

Get more than 2 hours of unique, royalty-free and especially high quality recordings with this library.

Recorded in 24 bit / 96 kHz. Accurately edited and mastered to sound as natural as possible. The average length of each file is between 3-5 minutes, so enough time to use in longer scenes without looping.

For more detailed descriptions about the ambiences in this collection see the metadata in our file lists or listen to the preview montage.